Important Things You Should Know About Nurse Practitioner Profession

Every developed country is facing a shortage of trained medical practitioner. If you love to start your career in this industry, then it is the high time to start.  he Nurse Practitioner is a great option to be in the medical industry which will be in demand for a long period of time. The Nurse Practitioner Employment Agency offers some lucrative offers to the candidates after completing their respective courses. Here are some interesting facts about this profession, which you find interesting.

1. Growing Number of Professionals: Due to the demand, many people are interested to take this profession to showcase their skills. On the other hand, the number of the physician is decreasing. The Nurse Practitioner Employment Agency is reported to have the maximum number of registered assistant in the last year. Right now, the number of NP is almost double to the number of the physician in America.
2. Growing Job Opportunity: The recent survey on the health care organization and Nurse Practitioner Employment Agency has revealed the fact that the demand for advanced practice clinical workforce is increasing. As per the report of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there is a chance of growth of 31-38% in the coming ten years.

3. The Level Of Care: It is fact that, the trained Nurse Practitioner can provide the care which is comparable to the physician. The Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner had said, “of more than 100 published, post-OTA reports on the quality of care provided by both nurse practitioners and physicians, not a single study has found that nurse practitioners provide inferior services within the overlapping scopes of licensed practice.”

4. Underserved Location: Although 20 percent of American citizen resides in rural areas, only 9 percent of doctor serves in those zones. On the other hand, almost 18 percent NP is working for the less privileged people of the rural and underserved areas. The Nurse Practitioner Employment Agency is also contracted to use the NP to expand health care services to the urban area too.

5. Not A Replacement Of Doctor: Although, a nurse practitioner can do equal care to the physician, they are not a threat to the doctors. There are certain restrictions on the NP in the present treatment model. Doctors are more educated to implement integrated healthcare equipment.

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